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February 2021 Issue
Debt and what’s next
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Debt and what’s next
A year of living dangerously
By Ouida Taaffe
The introduction to our feature on ‘debt and what’s next’
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Household consumption
Striking a sensitive balance
By Amit Kara
Amit Kara examines what happens to economic growth if people stop borrowing or borrow only to fund necessary spending
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The future of the mortgage market
Shaky foundations for housing
By Richard Northedge
Richard Northedge explains why this is likely to be a volatile year for the UK housing market
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Consumer credit
What pay later could cost
By Gren Manuel
Gren Manuel takes a look at the rapid growth of buy now, pay later fintechs offering interest-free credit and warns of some dangers for consumers
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A long winter of discontent
By Andy Davis
Andy Davis consider the challenges facing small businesses as loan support schemes start to end, the lockdown continues and banks get warier of credit risks
The equity markets
Giving business a helping hand
By George Graham
George Graham reports on moves to make equity markets more attractive as a means of raising patient capital to fund business growth
Risk capital
Time for risk to return
By Peter Morris
Peter Morris questions the trend for equity investors to expect a bailout instead of having to put up more of their own money
Government borrowing
Pump down the volume
By William A Allen
William A Allen discusses the risks of embarking on a programme of gilt sales if inflationary pressures were to rise
Is Japan what the future holds?
By Warwick Lightfoot
Warwick Lightfoot wonders whether the Japanese experience of struggling to revive a stagnant economy heralds the same fate for other advanced countries